Commissioner of Police, Stephen Corbishley


This morning's Royal Gazette (1st June 2020) reports on a very strongly worded "from the heart" statement posted yesterday on Facebook by Bermuda's Commissioner of Police, Mr. Stephen Corbishley,  about the killing of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer last Monday.  The article is as follows:-


Bermuda’s Commissioner of Police said he was “appalled and saddened” by the killing of a black man by a police officer in the United States.

Stephen Corbishley posted the “from the heart” message on Facebook yesterday about the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin last Monday.

He said: “I cannot imagine the heartache of George’s family and whilst I have met many many families who have lost loved ones, to lose someone at the hands of the police, who should be there to support and protect, is truly devastating.

“I can understand the protests now taking place across the United States and whilst I do not condone the associated violence I can understand it.

“Black communities are angry.”

Mr Corbishley said the killing of Mr Floyd “resonates within black communities across the world, including Bermuda”.

He added: “Black lives do matter and I am committed to that as the Police Commissioner.

“Yes, I am a white guy, however my mum taught me to love my neighbour and that is one of my core values.”


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