Bernews reports this evening (28th May 2020) that two men have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery at the Rubis Service Station on St. John's Road in Pembroke.   The arrests followed quick action by the Police together with assistance from the public in aiding the officers to locate and apprehend the two suspects.   Bernews reports:-


[Updated] The police have arrested two suspects following an armed robbery at the Rubis service station on St. John’s Road in Pembroke today.

A police spokesperson said, “At around 12.45pm today, Thursday 28th May, police received a report of an armed robbery at the Rubis service station at 61 St. John’s Road, Pembroke.

“Reports are two men entered the premises, one of them pointed an object wrapped in a brown paper bag at staff and demanded money. Both suspects then fled the scene on a motorcycle with an unknown quantity of cash.

“A search of the area ensued and quick action by officers who arrived on the scene shortly after resulted in one of the suspects being taken into custody a short distance from the scene.

“The bike used by the suspects was later recovered in the Inghams Vale area of Pembroke by the officer in search of the second suspect, who was subsequently taken into custody shortly before 5.00pm in the same area.”

Update 8.09pm:A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service wishes to extend its appreciation to all members of the community for their assistance and support aiding officers to locate and apprehend two men suspected of committing the armed robbery earlier today at the Rubis gas station on St John’s Road in Pembroke Parish.

“The police also recovered the motorcycle used, together with a quantity of cash which is believed to be proceeds of the armed robbery.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels said, “It is critical that the police and the community unite by working closely together in these unprecedented times in an effort to reduce opportunities for crime to occur and improve overall community safety.


CLICK HERE  for the full report on Bernews

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