For those of you who follow our "Who, When and Where" column you may have already read what we thought were all of the answers to our series of questions  about the historic vvisit to Bermuda by Coventry City FC in 1967.  

I'm sure we have lots of Coventry City fans in Bermuda but no-one from our ExPo group had tackled trying to name their players in the photo of the Coventry team kindly submitted to us by Mike Caulkett. Mike had made a brief comment to the effect that he believed Noel Cantwell was the Coventry manager during the tour even though our Police Magazine specifically mentioned that Jimmy Hill, their legendary manager, came on as a substitute late in the game at which time his players tried everything to set him up to score a goal. Great manager - not such a great striker!

Before moving onto our next "Who, When and Where" photo I decided to write to Coventry City FC to ask if anyone might assist us in identifying the members of the Coventry team.

It was a lovely surprise, to receive addtional information and documents from Jim Brown, their Official Historian, who went above and beyond the call of duty in answering my enquiry. However,  it was a complete surprise to hear from Jim  that the photo of the Coventry City FC team provided to us by Mike Caulkett was NOT the team that visited Bermuda in 1967, but the Coventry team that re-visited the Island 2 years later, in 1969, by which time Noel Cantwell had replaced Jimmy Hill as their manager.  

Mike was correct with regard to his photo being of Coventry City FC, and in all fairness it was taken at our Police Sports Field field, and he did say he thought Noel Cantwell was the Team Manager.  

You can read both the "Who, When and Where" article and the additional information provided by Jim Brown at http://expobermuda.com/index.php/who-when-where/637-soccer-team-with-a-difference

Jim  would be very interested in obtaining any programme or team sheets for the match against Somerset which took place on 4th June 1969. If you happen to know of any Coventry fans here on Island, or officials from Somerset Trojans who might be able to assist please let us know.

Once again, many thanks to Jim for all the extra information he has provided to confirm the "Who" the "When" and the "Where" in this article.  

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